About Us

VERA was created by 5 data science, software development, behavioral analysis, direct selling and business development veterans after seeing a need for an all encompassing system to help fast growing companies and leaders recruit, organize, train, develop and manage their accelerating teams.

The VERA team has placed emphasis on using Artificial Intelligence and behavioral science to marry psychology and technology to give people a kinder, gentler and more coaching style experience with business growth software.

VERA uses predictive behavioral analysis, motivational values and personality styles to encourage and engage users in a way that other software cannot. Additionally, one click technology eliminates confusion so action results in true productivity and results.

Here are the dedicated people behind VERA:

Bryce Kuhlman: (The Scientist)

A Serial Entrepreneur. Maker. Wizard. Egghead. Rocket Scientist (for a while… until he got bored).

Bryce’s only goal in life is to work with amazing people to create things that would never otherwise have existed.

They say actions speak louder than words, so if you want to know more about him, here’s a short, curated list of some things he’s done.

  • Built his first 6-figure business by the time he was 15… performing magic (to the tune of over 1,000 performances by the time he was in college).
  • Developed brainwave analysis and signal processing which led to a process that can detect epileptic seizures up to 30 seconds before the onset of physical signs.
  • Devised comparative analysis of cosmological simulation results to confirm that the mathematical models actually match what astronomers observe about the large-scale structure of the Universe (results published in Astrophysical Journal).
  • Designed an aerospace control system that allows anyone to fly with only one day of training… running on a computer less powerful than your smart phone.
  • Constructed Advanced predictive / stochastic modeling of satellite communication network reliability and availability.
  • Created a 40-foot diameter simulated brain with over 2,000 microprocessors, biofeedback and artificial intelligence.
  • Produced live events leading to deep, rapid personal transformations through a combination of magic, ritual theater and technology (VR, Ahe, biofeedback, visualization, etc.).
  • Helped hundreds of businesses, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and subject matter experts automate their income, support and sales processes.

Oh… and he built an animatronic monkey that reads minds!

Just mention the word “impossible” and Bryce will be on it in a heartbeat.

Stephanie Frank: (The Translator)

If broad knowledge and flexibility is a pillar of success, Stephanie brings it to the team as President of The Holisec Group.  She has built multiple million dollar businesses, and has extensive experience providing intelligence strategies through education and consulting for cyber security, behavioral profiling, process improvement and entrepreneurship.  She is highly skilled communicator, able to understand the characteristics and needs of different personality types making up successful business teams, and to translate between them.

Stephanie is the Co-Founder of Success IQ University and brings 30 years of custom and private label training, consulting and coaching program development experience. Additionally, she has specialized in field work as a Behaviorist, Network Engineer, Protocol Analyst, CyberCrime Investigator, Digital Researcher, Process Specialist, Master Trainer and NLP Influencer.  Her clients have included the IRS, Hilton Hotels, Microsoft, Novell, Green Bay Hospital and hundreds of police departments and professional services firms.

The well-respected author of the international best-selling book, The Accidental Millionaire, she is also a published writer in over 90 countries and Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Forbes, Sales Excellence, Phoenix Business Journal, and has been interviewed for Fox News, NBC Radio, Good Life, Neil Cavuto and hundreds of other media outlets.

A highly entertaining platform speaker, Stephanie has shared the stage with greats such as Zig Ziglar, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for The Soul), Brian Tracy, Dennis Waitley, Suze Orman, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor and Billionaire Bill Bartmann.

Dubbed a “radically happy personality”, Stephanie loves animals, yoga, outdoors and the creative presentation of food. She is young at heart and speaks fluent English, Geek, Tech, Kitchen, Love and sometimes Woof!

Cliff Edwards: (The Backbone)

Cliff is inspired by the possibility of a world in which: life-long learning is embraced by all, people view every life experience as an opportunity for growth, and individuals, businesses and governments work cooperatively to solve the big challenges of our times. He feels equally comfortable in the hard facts based world of science and technology, as well as the softer, sometimes squishier realm of personal and professional development.

Cliff provides balance between systems, process, production and infrastructure both internal to the company and external with clients. An entrepreneur at heart, Cliff also brings his automation, scientific, technology and linguistic talent to the team.

A coach, trainer and content producer for the past twenty+ years, Cliff loves to create step-by-step systems and structure information into logical, useful and digestible chunks.  He co-founded the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching, where he served as Director of Training for 11 years. There he wrote and delivered transformative training programs, as well as structuring and managing the instruction and certification of nearly 1000 coaches worldwide.

Prior to that, Cliff developed his entrepreneurial side throughout the 1990’s, in the business of litigation document management services for Corporate legal departments. During that time he cultivated his love for systems and technology, with clients including Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Sundstrand Corp and others. Ready for a change, in 1998 he began to transition out of the combative domain of corporate litigation to become a professional coach and trainer.

Cliff and his wife happily live in San Diego, CA. When he’s not contributing value with clients and colleagues, you might find him out on travel adventures, voraciously reading on science and cosmology, walking along the beach, or enjoying great food, conversation and wine with friends.

The “Quick Witted One”, Cliff is always available to give a play on words, a droll observation or some kind of funny, quirky one – liner.

Beth Hudec: (The Communicator)

A direct selling veteran of over 15 years, Beth has been a top leader at every company she’s been in, including Shaklee, Wildtree Herbs and Southern Living at Home/Willow House.  Beth is a catalyst for changes to VERA to keep up with industry trends and a staunch advocate for providing simple, effective easy to use solutions for the field.

With a Masters in Education, Beth has been a teacher by vocation and she has vast knowledge of motivation, education and business.  Also as an entrepreneur with 17 years of experience, her passion is in training and leadership development. She has enjoyed being in the classroom as a teacher, as well as in the field training and developing teams across the country in multiple direct sales and marketing companies.

In her career, she has developed multiple large organizations with strong leadership in the direct marketing arena.  In addition to developing sizeable personal networking businesses, she has engaged as a business coach utilizing tools proven in the marketplace. She works with clients to help them build the skills necessary to play at the top of their game.

Beth does this by providing clear maps and frameworks which give clients the edge they need to create breakthrough performance, personally and professionally.  She helps clients  cut through mixed messages in communication, emphasizing techniques that drive competency, sincerity, and value, in all relationships. This skill set includes tools which reduce friction, increase productivity and maximize performance. The result reduces drama, increases productivity, and creates prosperity for the entire team.  

Beth loves creating, developing, strategizing, collaborating, and simply working hard!  Outside of her career, most of her time is spent with family, traveling and enjoying her four children who are actively involved in sports and academics.

When Beth is in the kitchen, “Anything with Bacon!” is her motto.

Joyce Lynn White: (The Connector)

Having extremely large circles of influence in many different areas of concentration, Joyce has the connection game down to a science. She prides herself in connecting others with WHO they need to know in order to move to greater levels of success and contribution. Through strategic alliances and synergistic partnerships, she continues to network with some of America’s most amazing people, companies and organizations.

Joyce combines her lifelong experience in marketing and educational leadership with her natural desire to connect and serve, making her a peerless expert in building and maintaining business relationships.  She is passionate about making a positive difference and has developed a collaborative approach to business that results in sustainable systems, engaged and motivated teams, and profitable companies with favorable social impact.

Joyce holds an MS in Educational Leadership, along with an impressive number of national certifications including positive behavioral diagnostics, mediation and negotiation, crisis management and leadership styles.  She has authored two books on Behavior and Training, contributed to two others, and is a highly respected speaker on the topics of leadership, positivity and networking.

She is particularly skilled and experienced at leading individuals, groups, and organizations through systems and policies to initiate, nurture, and sustain change as well as create outcomes that return improved cultures, personal and professional satisfaction, and increase human capital ROI. Her achievements include work with companies like Xerox, Associated Banc Corp and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Joyce is the “laughing one”, always ready with a lighthearted laugh or a story to make your day.