The Only Thing Your Distributors Will Hear is “Tell Me More”

Use Automated, Replicated Funnels and Take Away the Fear of Prospecting

No Fear Recruiting

Connect with and automatically nurture leads with VERA signature duplicated funnels.  No more “what should I tell a prospect” guesswork. Users simply share their personal unique link, and VERA does the selling. Everyone gets the same funnel (or funnels if you need them) and takes the same pre-defined steps toward the sale. Leads get captured and automatic drip campaigns start nurturing them immediately so it doesn’t matter when someone requests information.  VERA works to recruit new customers and distributors for you 24/7, even if it’s 3 AM and you’re asleep!

Here are just a few of the many other intelligent features built right IN
to VERA for Direct Selling.  You also get:

  • Work Anywhere Mobile App
  • Pre-Loaded Content – Use our Standardized Onboarding and Direct Selling Education Content or Use Your Own.
  • Gamificaton – Users earn points and rewards for completing tasks.
  • One-Click Sharing – Share pre-loaded content, blog posts, graphics, and time honored education with just a single click. 
  • Detailed Data Analytics – Use Leader and Learning Dashboards to get a real-time snapshot to track activity and growth.  
  • …and that’s just getting started. (VERA is like the “Swiss Army Knife” of software.  One tool does it all!