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More Money. More Time.
More People. Less Stress.

VERA is the ONLY End-to-End, Intelligent, Automated Business Building Software that Listens, Learns and Adapts.

Introducing: VERA the Intelligent, Automated…


VERA saves you time, collects leads and trains your people 24/7, automatically so you can spend your time doing more productive things… or just relaxing a bit!

Engagement &

Provides consistent and up to the minute step-by-step customized onboarding, education, gamification and engagement for your team members. Automatically.


Each new person does things the way your company knows will get results.  Increases retention, improves profits and produces leaders faster and more effectively.


VERA tracks your results and handles the repetitive, mundane parts of the business.  All your people have to do is share personalized, customized, replicated content with as many people as possible.

VERA captures, nurtures and converts your prospects and duplicates, retains and promotes people to leaders – with minimal effort on your part.

Here’s How VERA Helps the Field

Sharing Replicated Funnels

Everyone SHARES in the same way.

Onboarding and Learning Management

Everyone LEARNS the same information, the same way.


Success Tracker CRM – Prospect and Customer Engagement

Everyone CONNECTS effectively, in multiple ways.

Here are Just Some of the Things VERA Does for You

Replicated Funnels = No Fear Recruiting

Capture and automatically nurture leads with VERA signature replicated funnels/mini-websites.  No more “what should I tell a prospect” guesswork. Users simply share their personal unique link, and VERA does the rest. Everyone gets the same funnel (or funnels if you need them). Leads get captured and automatic drip campaigns start nurturing them immediately so it doesn’t matter when someone requests information.  VERA works for you even if it’s 3 AM!

Use the Funnel Templates to Share:

  • Information
  • Surveys
  • Webinars
  • Products
  • Opportunity

…or all of them!

Consistent Onboarding
& Learning Management

New distributors and referral partners get started quickly, consistently and efficiently with the onboarding and learning management module.  Show each person what they need to be successful and continue to be successful – from company information to how to share to ongoing education so they can get to income producing activities faster.

Success Tracker CRM

Follow up is the key to success, yet so many fail to consistently take action. Using the Success Tracker and CRM, VERA helps people in the field communicate with prospects and customers with just ONE click.  Send an email, make a phone call or text a quick message (using one of our built in templates) is so simple, even a brand new user can be successful quickly.

VERA captures, nurtures and converts your prospects and duplicates, retains and promotes people to leaders – with minimal effort on your part.

Here’s How VERA Helps Your Leaders

VERA eliminates this…

…and gives you THIS.

Stay Informed with Data Analytics & Dashboards

Love data?  You’ll ADORE VERA!  VERA captures everything: who clicked a link, watched a video (and for how long) and every activity along the way.  Know when people log in, how many prospects and leads come through, and who’s really working.  You’re the Master of Data with VERA!

Multi-Platform. Use VERA Anywhere!

On the go, or in the office, VERA works flawlessly on your computer, phone or tablet.  Take everything with you – VERA is the most robust, automated, business-building platform available today. 

Share, Connect and Follow-up… All in Just One-Click!

VERA lets users take as few clicks as possible using One-Click Technology to:

  • Call a prospect or customer.
  • Send a text.
  • Complete a task.
  • Learn something new.
  • See all prospect activity.
  • Share a product page.
  • Send a blog post.
  • Post to social media.
  • …and that’s just getting started. 

VERA captures, nurtures and converts your prospects and duplicates, retains and promotes people to leaders – with minimal effort on your part.

Here’s How VERA Helps Your Company

Pre-Loaded Content Helps You Get Started Quickly and Easily

Use VERA’s content or insert your own. 

Use Pre-Loaded Content for:

  • Funnels
  • Prospect Email Drip Automations
  • Auto Text Encouragement
  • Sharing Information, Quotes & Videos
  • Graphics
  • Blog Posts
  • Onboarding Systems
  • Teaching Success Principles
  • Time Honored Education for:
    • Time Management
    • Mindset
    • Growth Strategies
    • Organization & Process

 …all continually updated and fresh.

Universal Inbox

Instantly message some or all of the field, using VERA’s Universal Inbox.  Send a reminder, greeting, encouragement or thank you to anyone or everyone, any time. 

Top Level Privacy, Security and Reliability

VERA follows all data privacy laws, and stays up to date automatically.  Our servers are stored in locked and protected facilities with very limited human access, and duplicate redundant backups, so your data is always 100% safe and secure. 

VERA uses only the best, most reliable hosting service, purpose-built for mission-critical sites, stores, and apps.  You are guaranteed low latency and 100% uptime, using the same server farms and technical expertise relied upon by such household names as Dunn & Bradstreet, Fed Ex, Home Depot, Motorola, National Geographic and Porsche. 

The Only Tool You Need for One-Click Recruiting, Retention and Replication.  

VERA Does the Hard Work for You

See VERA in Action.